Nativitiy School

Schoolwide Learning Expectations


SPIRIT - An active, faith-filled Christian citizen who:

  • Understands and practices the beliefs of the Roman Catholic faith through prayer, scripture, and liturgy
  • Offers stewardship to the community through compassion, service, and respect
  • Makes moral and ethical choices

MIND - A life-long learner who:

  • Is committed to academic growth as independent, critical thinkers
  • Integrates current technology
  • Helps to preserve the environment
  • Is an effective communicator seeking to resolve conflict in positive ways
  • Seeks to be globally aware and acceptant of diversity

BODY - A self-directed, well-balanced individual who:

  • Strives to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle: spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially
  • Practices good sportsmanship, taking responsibility for one's actions
  • Is aware of own unique talents and gifts, expanding creatively through the arts