Fourth Grade

English and Language Arts

In English and Language Arts, students enhance their reading comprehension skills and author written pieces from a number of different genres. They take part in whole class novel studies and discuss books in literature circles (our 4th grade version of book clubs). They practice higher order comprehension skills such as making inferences, drawing conclusions, summarizing, identifying the main idea, and more. Students have daily time to silent read and listen to read aloud chapter books.

In Writing, units include persuasive and opinion writing, personal narratives, research and expository projects, and poetry. Students participate in writer’s workshop, which consists of a mini lesson and at least twenty to thirty minutes of dedicated writing time. They take part in every step of the writing process from brainstorming and drafting to conferencing and publishing. Additionally, students study proper grammar, figurative language, and spelling as they write.


In Math, there is a focus on numbers and operations, including double-digit multiplication and long division. Students also spend a significant portion of the year studying fractions, including equivalent fractions, addition and subtraction of fractions, and multiplication of fractions. Furthermore, students relate fractions to decimals. Finally, students learn to measure and convert measurements between units as well as increase their understanding of geometric concepts. In fourth grade, the students are encouraged to expand their math vocabulary, problem solve, and apply their skills and understandings to real life situations. They are encouraged to discuss their answers and demonstrate conceptual understanding.

History & Social Studies

In Social Studies, the 4th grade curriculum focuses on California history, from the study of the CA Native Americans to the CA Missions to the Gold Rush. They complete a number of fun and collaborative projects, including constructing a 3D map of California and taking a field trips to visit a CA Mission and the state capital. Additionally, students work on units that include producing a skit, a model, or other presentation about CA Native American tribes and a Passport to CA project about each child’s history and personal family immigration story.


In Science, students participate in experiments and labs to develop their critical thinking, observation skills, and ability to draw conclusions. The science curriculum has a technological and hands on component that excites students and keeps them engaged. Fourth grade science covers a range of topics, including ecosystems, space, weather, magnetism, and electricity. Students work together to answer questions like the following: How Can I Model an Ecosystem? How Can I Predict the Weather? Or What is the Engineering Design Process?


In Religion, students learn to follow Jesus’ teachings and act as his disciples. The fourth grade curriculum also focuses on understanding each of the Ten Commandments. Students discuss the meaning of each commandment and how they can live out that commandment in their own life. They learn grade specific prayers, build their faith and participate in regular masses and prayer services.

In addition to the academic goals of the classroom, the classroom objectives aim to foster the development of the whole child, including their cognitive, as well as social, emotional, and moral development. To do so, we strive to create a warm and trusting classroom community, hold the students to high expectations, and provide differentiated instruction to meet each student’s needs.

Fourth Grade Highlights

  • Field trip to Sacramento
  • 4th grade and 1st grade reading buddies