KTuesday, 10:45-11:451 Book/wk, Keep at school
1Tuesday, 2:15-2:451 Book/wk, Keep at school
2Tuesday, 1:45-2:151 Book/wk, Keep at school
3Tuesday, 1:15-1:451 Book/wk, Can take home
4Wednesday, 11:00-11:30
(no volunteers necessary)
1 Book/wk, Can take home
5Tuesday, 10:45-11:451 Book/wk, Can take home


The check-out period is one week (except when date stamped to coincide with a report due date) and may be renewed once if brought to library for renewal.

Notices will be sent out if book is not returned after 3 weeks.  After 4 weeks (2 notices) a book will be considered lost, and the student’s family will be charged for the book’s replacement cost plus an additional $3 processing cost.  No more than 1-2 book maximum may be checked out at any one time nor can any book be checked out if the student has any outstanding fees.

Grades 5, 6, 7, 8 may visit Nativity School Library on request (resources, research, book reports).