Seventh Grade


Students will study medieval history from approximately 500-1500. We will distinguish what makes societies unique and the links that bind them together. Often, we connect this understanding to today's world. The study of geography is also incorporated to enhance the students' understanding of a particular culture. A variety of activities will be utilized to engage the students in this rich curriculum.


Students will read and study a variety of literary selections from the following genre: novels, short story, non-fiction, poetry and essay.

Independent Reading: Students will be expected to read a total of eight outside reading selections independently. The students will complete two books per quarter. Please bring this book to class regularly because you will be given time in class to read.

Writing Workshop

Students will continue to build on the writing skills developed in middle school. Assignments follow the California State Standards and will be chosen from the following: report information, story, evaluation, observation, cause and effect, problem and solutions, reflection, compare and contrast and interpretation.


Students will study vocabulary on a regular basis. Word lists, activities, and mastery testing will be included in this study. Students will prepare note cards for each set of 15 vocabulary words.


Review of the basic elements of grammar and word usage will be part of the regular classroom routine. Mini lessons, worksheets, and other activities may be included in this study.

Special Projects

Throughout the year projects will be assigned. These may include essays, oral reports, projects, or presentations. Failure to complete a special project will result in limiting your chances of gaining points for the class.