Room Parents

General Room Parent Meeting in September.

There will be a $40 PTG Association activity fee billed to all families for each student in each class which covers: Carnival Auction class gift, Auction Dinner Dance class gift, gifts for teachers, teacher's aide, and end of the year party.

Monthly Sunday Family Mass: two room parents or two other class parents to host the refreshments once during the school year on a Sunday at Church of the Nativity after 9:30 Mass.

Christmas Tree Lot:

Coordinate volunteers for the days assigned to your class to work the Tree Lot.

Open House:

coordinate one or two enthusiastic parents to attend the classroom with the teacher to help answer questions and chat with the new families. Arrange for refreshments: muffins, fresh fruit, juice, etc. for Open House, last Sunday in January every year.

Teacher and Staff Appreciation Luncheon:

Meet with PTG in January to plan menu, drinks and decorations and assign responsibilities for annual luncheon. Luncheon takes place.

Auction Dinner Dance:

Solicit ideas, decide and coordinate auction class gift for Auction Dinner Dance, Date: TBA.

Carnival Auction:

Solicit ideas, decide and coordinate auction class gift for Carnival which takes place second weekend of June every year.

In the event of serious illness or death in the family of one of your child's classmates: The Room Parent will contact the family (class with the oldest sibling or only child) to check to see what is needed (meals, childcare, etc.). Prepare a flyer for your grade for the Wednesday envelope. After a couple of days, notify principal. Principal will then contact the family to see if schoolwide help is needed.