Learning Resource Center

Learning Resource Program

The Learning Resource Center will be open daily to serve students who may need academic interventions and/or help with specific content area skills. The goal of the Learning Resource Program is to recognize and nurture the talents and strengths of every child at Nativity, while remediating areas of academic difficulty and providing support, through differentiation, and using specialized and multi-sensory teaching approaches.

The Learning Resource Program is designed to serve students from Grades 1 through 8 with identified learning differences (LDs). We are committed to the academic, social, and spiritual well-being of each of our students. To that end, we encourage the development of strengths and talents while supporting academic areas of difficulty.

The classroom teachers refer students who may benefit from additional academic support to LRP. The Learning Resource Specialist (LRS) may perform additional screenings that can provide information about a student's learning strengths and differences. Interventions are monitored. The Response to Interventions (RTI) protocol determines further participation in LRP. Parents, teachers, and support staff communicate and work together to share ideas. This helps tailor the learning program to best suit the learning style of the student. A Student Success Team (SST) may be formed to determine a specialized intervention plan to support your child.

Resource Director:
Mrs. Kathy Coelho

Learning Resource Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday from 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM