Every Nativity student develops as a whole person through experiences that enrich the mind, body, and spirit. Participating in our athletic program, which includes physical education and co-curricular sports, is vital for Nativity students. Athletics at Nativity play an important role in that development, offering opportunities for leadership, cooperation, and community-building, as well as the joy and fun that athletic participation affords.

Physical Education

Nativity School partners with Rhythm and Moves for our physical education curriculum. Through physical education, Nativity students exercise teamwork, social skills, and goal-setting while developing a work ethic and balanced lifestyle. Students discover their inner potential to embrace physical activity which contributes to life-long health and fitness. The foundation of the curriculum is based on Laban’s Movement Education Principals and the TGFU (Teaching Games for Understanding).

Physical education classes PS-8 emphasize motor skills, balance, body awareness and hand-eye coordination. Team activities include a variety of exercises and sports that focus on conditioning, health, and sportsmanship.



Nativity is proud of its long tradition of athletic excellence. We are committed to increasing the player’s character, self-esteem, and discipline while developing the students’ understanding of the game. This builds a sense of responsibility and adds to the enjoyment of sports.

Interscholastic competition is offered each season starting in Grade 4 through the Peninsula Parishes School League (PPSL). All teams are coached by parent volunteers and {%} of Nativity students in grades 4-8 participate in at least one season of interscholastic sports - baseball, volleyball, basketball, and track and field. Many Nativity students who cultivate a solid foundation in sports go on to become high school athletes, excelling in both athletics and academics.

"The purpose of this organization shall be to foster a spirit of cooperation and friendly competition among the Catholic parishes/schools of San Mateo County. This program shall strive to enrich our students physically and socially by developing practices of good sportsmanship, encouraging participation, and building self-esteem in all participants."

Peninsula Parishes/Schools League

Girls Sports Boys Sports
Volleyball Basketball
Basketball Track & Field
Track & Field

Faith is placed at the center of Nativity’s team sports, instilling resilience, self-discipline, commitment, pursuit of personal excellence, and humility. This is reinforced prior to every competition when teams gather together for prayer:

Please stand as we pray: In the name of the Father, Son Holy Spirit, Amen


God, we pray that our hearts be open to see your presence in and through sports:
We pray for athletes…
Who, through sports develop character and values.
We pray for coaches…
Who place players before winning and value sportsmanship.
We pray for parents…
Who love their children for who they are, not for how they perform.
We pray for officials…
Who inspire fair play.
We pray in God’s name.