Social / Emotional Learning (SEL)

Nativity School exists for the education of the whole child, so each child thrives and flourishes spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically, as a unique person made in God’s image in a Catholic atmosphere. Our entire educational approach stems from our belief in the intrinsic, inherent and inviolable human dignity of every person that is the bedrock of the social teaching of the Catholic Church. We strive to create a community of inclusivity in which all members feel welcomed, affirmed, valued, and respected as reflections of the God who is in all things.

Within this context, Nativity focuses on social- emotional awareness (sometimes referred to as emotional intelligence), which allows for students to develop into secure, confident learners who are able to rise to challenges and learn from mistakes to foster authentic learning. The teachers help establish positive attitudes towards learning, encourage effort, and focus on growth mindset.

Collaborative Classroom (K-4)

In partnership with Collaborative Classroom, Nativity students in grades K-4 will become caring, responsible members of their school communities and, ultimately, to grow into principled, skilled citizens in society. Nativity students and teachers will work together to build caring relationships amongst one another, to better understand social skills, to create and work in a calm and orderly learning environments, and to acquire self-discipline.