Lower School

Nativity Elementary School welcomes Kindergartners into a stimulating, nurturing environment that begins to lay the foundation for later successes and challenges. The elementary curriculum sharpens the children's listening and direction following skills, and encourages independent thinking and problem solving.

Class activities celebrate each child's uniqueness and creativity and builds wholesome attitudes toward oneself. The children are taught that they are an important part of a larger community and are gently guided toward positive social and moral behaviors.

The cornerstone of religious education at Nativity School is simple: to know and love the Lord and the Golden Rule. The children are instructed in their Christian faith through prayer, knowledge of and preparation for the Sacraments, and participation in liturgical celebrations. Fostered in each student is respect and esteem for self and others, and a sense of responsibility and compassion towards the needs of others.

Students have multiple opportunities to experience their educational life outside the classroom through off-campus field trips. These field trips provide fun and exciting enrichment in adjunct to classroom instruction. Classes have visited various theater productions, missions, art and science museums, NASA/Ames, San Francisco Symphony, the zoo, recycling plant, local farms, and much more.

Nativity’s primary grade students are singularly prepared for the rigorous challenges of middle school. Students are taught invaluable communication skills necessary for problem solving and conflict resolution. They gain respect for themselves as they find alternatives to problems and greater appreciation for the viewpoints of others. In all academic subjects, emphasis is placed on critical thinking and learning how making connections imparts a richer understanding of a concept or idea. The development of good, independent study habits is promoted.

Nativity Elementary School cultivates a life-long excitement and natural curiosity for learning in a positive, loving atmosphere of dedicated attention to individual student's needs.