Visual and Performing Arts

Nativity is committed to helping students become visual thinkers, creative problem solvers, and emergent designers. We recognize the value of arts education and believe the development of each student is dependent on intellectual endeavors in the visual and performing arts. As students become literate in music and competent in performance and creative expression, they gain confidence and enhance their overall academic performance. The multifaceted lessons develop students’ critical-thinking skills, creativity, visual literacy, and self-esteem.

Artistic achievement is celebrated and lauded through a series of student-centered exhibitions and performances throughout the year, including Spring Sing, Lives of the Saints, Student Art Show, and the annual Christmas pageant.

Visual Arts

Studio Art

The Nativity Studio Art program introduces students to several art disciplines including drawing, painting, sculpture, and visual design. The program encourages students in the art-making process while enriching their general studies. Our instructors are professional artists who connect lessons to history, culture, and society. Disciplines and techniques build on the previous year and are sequential and comprehensive. Students 1st through 8th grade build technical ability alongside exploring creativity and experimentation.

Performing Arts



The Nativity music program aims to build the foundation of basic musicianship and foster lifelong music appreciation. We work with classically trained musical instructors who, along with teaching students classic and contemporary vocal and instrumental instruction, teach the basics of music history, theory, and performance. Musical instruction also strengthens mathematical, linguistic, and mental processing skills.

Rhythm and Moves

The Rhythm and Moves music education curriculum teaches students the fundamentals of music theory, composition and history. Students learn to apply these concepts to develop their instrumental and vocal performance skills. Responsibility, self-direction, investigative and cooperative learning scenarios are all present as part of the scaffold of our programming. Lessons are rooted in the belief that learning is achieved through movement and the opportunity to use instruments in conjunction with finding your voice.

Hummingbird Music

Hummingbird music provides customized musical instruction for students through an after school program currently offering both piano and ukulele lessons. Instructors are classically trained musicians who bring their experience in performance and composition to the classroom, making the basics of musicianship accessible for students even if they have no prior musical experience.


"The musical tradition of the universal Church is a treasure of inestimable value, greater even than that of any other art. The main reason for this pre-eminence is that, as a combination of sacred music and words, it forms a necessary or integral part of solemn liturgy" (Sacrosanctum Concilium, no. 112)

The Nativity choir is an opportunity for students who love to sing to lead the school through song- particularly at Mass. The choir helps awaken the hearts of the parish community, enriching the Liturgical experience.

The Choir is co-ed and open to students grades 3 through 8 who exemplify model behavior at Mass. Musical selections are curated by the Choir Director, featuring both classic and contemporary Catholic hymns appropriate for the liturgical season.


An introduction to the dramatic arts is an important component to education as it cultivates life skills that will be important both inside and outside the classroom including self-expression and confidence, adaptability, public speaking, and the ability to work well within a group. It’s also an opportunity for students to be fully immersed in history and culture. The 2019 Spring Sing’s theme was “Americana”. Each class performance celebrated the history of American heritage and spirit through music.

Our Catholic identity and performance intersect with annual student performances including: Lives of the Saints (3rd grade), Passion Play (5th grade), and our Christmas Pageant (3rd- 8th grade).