Middle School

Nativity’s middle school students are taught to work rigorously to personally grow during this critical period of development. Students are encouraged to develop leadership skills and embrace the challenges of living in a 21st century globalized world.

Throughout their middle school years at Nativity, students will be led on how to become self advocating, active participants and independent workers who work collaboratively in their learning. Nativity promotes inquiry based thinking, Christ-centered giving, creativity, kindness, and inclusive learning that encourages each student to thrive.

Middle school students are expected to be active members in their learning and to fully engage in their own education. They are taught to be positive contributors to the shared learning experience, while being respectful of the experiences, perspectives, and achievements of their teachers and peers. Students are encouraged to ask questions and search for answers; to share their ideas, opinions, and perspective; to think critically, creatively, and independently; and to discern with their hearts and minds.

Nativity’s middle school curriculum follows the curriculum guidelines of the Archdiocese of San Francisco and the California Common Core State Standards. It is designed to prepare students to succeed in any academic program in the future by providing building on the foundation established in their primary educational years; encouraging and exposing a variety of depths of study, and inspiring creativity and critical analysis.