Decathlon Inner

At Nativity School, we affirm that God has endowed each young person entrusted to our care with marvelous intellectual gifts and talents. The California Catholic Schools’ Academic Junior High Decathlon (or AJHD) strives to bring forth some of those academic talents and celebrate them in the context of spirit-filled competition.

The five goals of the Academic Decathlon Program are:

  • To promote academic excellence
  • To promote collaborative spirit and cooperative learning skills
  • To promote logical and higher order thinking
  • To recognize the contribution of parents, teachers, school administrators, business and community members in supporting high standards for all students
  • To celebrate diversity, excellence, and tradition of Catholic schools

Competition categories include: Religion, English and Spelling, Literature, Science, Mathematics, Current Events, Social Studies, and Fine Arts. The ten members of the team work together on both the Logic Quiz and the Super Quiz.