Faculty and Staff


Title Name Email
Pastor Msgr. Otellini nativityparish@sbcglobal.net
Principal Jessica Schaukowitch jschaukowitch@nativityschool.com
Director of Admissions Nicole Guarascio nguarascio@nativityschool.com
Accountant Gina Connell gconnell@nativityschool.com
Office Manager Clora Hanley lames@nativityschool.com
Receptionist Lili Ames nguarascio@nativityschool.com


Title Name Email
Extended Care Director Theresa Comin tcomin@nativityschool.com
Preschool Director Laura Vlad lvlad@nativityschool.com
Preschool Teacher Cynthia Charette jgarcia@nativityschool.com
Preschool Teacher Julia Garcia cmcintee@nativityschool.com
Kindergarten Teacher Kristen Leep kleep@nativityschool.com
Kindergarten Aide Christine Semler csemler@nativityschool.com
First Grade Teacher Kelly Andreano kandreano@nativityschool.com
First Grade Aide Mary Hoy mhoy@nativityschool.com
Second Grade Teacher Kathy Coelho kcoelho@nativityschool.com
Second Grade Aide Deb Ramos dramos@nativityschool.com
Third Grade Teacher Christie Costa ccosta@nativityschool.com
Fourth Grade Teacher Rebecca Jones rjones@nativityschool.com
Third- Fourth Grade Aide Asusena Aguilar aaguilar@nativityschool.com
Fifth Grade Teacher Katie Summers ksummers@nativityschool.com
Middle School Teacher Christopher Eidam ceidam@nativityschool.com
Middle School Teacher Michelle Killmond mkillmond@nativityschool.com
Middle School Teacher Daniel Leung dleung@nativityschool.com
Middle School Teacher Amelia Stone amstone@nativityschool.com
Technology Teacher Noreen Browning nbrowning@nativityschool.com
Middle School Science/ Math Megan Crowley mcrowley@nativityschool.com
Spanish Teacher Paula Feghhi pfeghhi@nativityschool.com
Resource Specialist Kathy Coelho kcoelho@nativityschool.com
Physical Education Steve Foy sfoy@nativityschool.com
Counselor Anne Marr amarr@nativityschool.com
Music Teacher Kirk Duplantis kduplantis@nativityschool.com
Librarian Frances Pacheco fpacheco@nativityschool.com
Maintenance Frans Honig fhonig@nativityschool.com
Art Teacher Gretel Colvert gcolvert@nativityschool.com
Art Teacher Dawn Tower-Irvine dirvine@nativityschool.com