Student Learning Expectations

Our Mission

Nativity School is committed to the teachings, values, and beliefs of the Catholic Church, while engaging and nurturing each student within a diverse learning community.

MIND - A lifelong enthusiastic learner who

  • Demonstrates curiosity and critical thinking
  • Solves problems effectively and self-advocates
  • Seeks to be globally aware and values diversity

BODY - A self-directed, responsible individual who

  • Strives to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle: spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially
  • Practices good sportsmanship
  • Demonstrates unique talents and gifts,

SPIRIT - An active, faith-filled Christian citizen who

  • Understands and practices the beliefs of the Roman Catholic faith
  • Offers stewardship to the community through compassion, service, and respect
  • Makes moral and ethical choices