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At Nativity Preschool, we respect the gifts that each child brings to class. We believe that each child is born with the natural interest to learn and explore. By having a welcoming environment, the children have the freedom to experiment and collaborate with their peers.

Play is an integral part of our curriculum. It is through play that our teachers lead children to acquire the skills and emotional maturity needed to succeed in Kindergarten and beyond. Using the Project-Based Curriculum, we support each child’s creativity and natural interest to investigate and take charge of his own learning.

Learning is an integrated experience--as children learn to control their impulses (Social Emotional), they also learn to express themselves verbally using correct language conventions (Language and Literacy). While they share classroom responsibilities when they put toys away (Social Emotional), they also learn how to sort, classify, and compare materials (Mathematics).

The main responsibility of a teacher is to assist the children in learning the skills described in the four foundations by:

  1. Setting the environment,
  2. Supporting the children’s self-initiated play
  3. Engaging in instructional activities that uses play

Our goals for the preschool program align with California Preschool Learning Foundation and Common Core standards as well as the San Francisco Archdiocese standards.