Extracurricular Programs

Extracurricular Programs

Extracurriculars at Nativity are designed to augment academics by providing fun and engaging ways to develop character, problem-solve, and promote physical and emotional health.

Students have the freedom to explore their innate interests through a wide range of on-campus activities from athletics to music lessons to cooking classes. This brings empowerment, confidence, and a greater receptivity to formation.

In addition to offering volleyball, basketball and track for grades 4-8 through PPSL, this year Nativity students are learning ukulele, playing outdoor games, learning to play golf, basketball, and computer coding. Selections rotate with interest.

Our current partners:

Hummingbird Music School

HMS is comprised of classically trained musicians and musicologists whose aim is to bring music education to children and young adults.

Golf FORE Kids

This is a 12-level advancement golf program progressing from Blue Level through Gold Ace. Classes are held weekly after school and ALL equipment is provided. For grades 1-5.


End the week with an hour of outdoor games! For grades 1 - 6.


Join One on One Basketball for AFTER SCHOOL HOOPS! Skilled and experienced basketball instructors conduct a 1-hour clinic each week. The program includes drills, contests, and competitions. For grades PS- 3.