Consultative Board of Education

The purpose of the Board shall be to provide advice and assistance to the pastor in establishing goals and defining policies which shall govern the operation of Nativity School, subject to such rules and regulations that proceed from the Archbishop through canon law and the corporate structure of the Archdiocese and the Archdiocesan Board of Education. The Consultative Board can be discontinued at any time at the prudent wisdom of such authority. The Board acts as the guardian of the school’s mission, monitoring the success of the school in fulfilling its mission and ensuring that it remains relevant and vital to the community it serves, provides financial oversight of the school’s operations, and supports long-term strategic planning.

Nativity School Consultative Board of Education 2022/2023

The following people comprise the Nativity School Consultative Board of Education (NSCBOE) for 2022/2023:

Name Membership Contact
Monsignor Otellini President (Ex-Officio)

Jessica Adrian Principal (Ex-Officio)

Andrew Ryan Chairperson (Voting)
Caroline Murugan Vice Chairperson (Voting)

Secretary (Voting)

Dennis Alvarado Member (Voting)

Peter Ventura Member (Voting)
Sharon Winnike Member (Voting)

Mary Janik Member (Voting)
Dan Winnike Member (Voting)

Willie Alford Member (Voting)
Raul Aguilar Men’s Club Rep (Ex-Officio)

Loretta Couse Mom’s Group Rep (Ex-Officio)

Danielle Lanthier PTG Representative (Ex-Officio)